FrugalBot - Automated Analysis and Cost Optimization for AWS

FrugalBot delivers straightforward metrics for customers to measure the effectiveness of AWS Cloud optimization. From Cost Optmization to Continuous Cost Optimization (CCO)

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FrugalBot offers 1-Click Deployment into your private AWS Cloud, where the core metrics will assist you in visualizing the results of cost optmization. The FrugalOps team is committed to building tools and finding solutions to help customers employ smart spending in their AWS Cloud accounts utilizing Continuous Cost Optimization!

Optimization Metrics

FrugalBot continuously extracts key metrics from AWS' detailed billing reports. This powerful tool helps customers to visualize the effectiveness of their cost savings plan and provides instant feedback on cost optimization strategies.
Using our tool will help your company improve cost efficiency while ensuring the safety and accessibility of your cloud and relevant data!

Spending Insights

FrugalBot slices and dices your AWS Cloud spending into easy to understand charts. We continuously add and revise our charts based on customer feedback. You can customize charts using resource tagging in your AWS account to enable chargeback and COGS analysis for companies of any size or complexity.

Optimized Reserved Instance

FrugalBot simplifies the reserved instance purchase process. Our tool analyzes your account data to provide an RI purchase recommendation report by instance type, available zone/region and operating system.

Spending Forecasts

Effortlessly predict your fiscal year spending with a breakdown based on historical data.

Dedicated Continuous Cost Optimization (CCO) Engineer

Your time is precious. While you are focusing on your business, FrugalOps Engineers are keeping up with the latest AWS features and developments. FrugalOps Team continuously look for new ways to optimize your AWS Cloud investment—maintaining compliance and performance while saving you money!
FrugalOps Engineers will work with you remotely or onsite to improve your cloud architecture to be more cost efficient, and will conduct a monthly cost optimization meeting with you. With a little extra spending each month, we will save you 10%~30% in AWS spending!

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